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Welcome to Hagedorns Buller Funeral Services, a funeral home that will allow you to lay your loved one to rest with honour and respect. Operating in Westport and the Buller region and servicing the surrounding areas, we arrange everything from providing a funeral director who understands your needs, to organising the burial and headstone. We provide a modern and spacious, well equipped funeral home and with our experience you can be sure we will arrange an appropriate funeral for your family member.

Call us to help you organise the funeral of your loved one today. We are available 24 hours a day.

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About us

For over 135 years, Hagedorns Buller Funeral Services has been offering professional care to the families of Westport and the Buller area. Our team of qualified, experienced and caring staff are available 24 hours a day to assist you. We feel greatly privileged and honoured to be supporting families and friends at the difficult time of a loved ones death.

We are also monumental masons and can organise all types of monumental headstones and statues. Ensure your loved one has the ceremony they deserve and let Hagedorns Buller Funeral Services provide a funeral director that understands what you are looking for in a bereavement service.

Personalised services

A good funeral director not only provides a service that allows you and your family to say goodbye to the person you've lost, but also conducts it in such a way that their personality and character is remembered. Our aim is to arrange a funeral that is true to the memory of the person you've lost, and is truly a celebration of the life they lived.

We are a highly inclusive funeral service provider and can satisfy your family's wishes regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, or culture, so you can be sure of a personalised ceremony with Hagedorns Buller Funeral Services.
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