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Often the stresses of arranging a funeral for someone close to you can be too great, and pre-planning and pre-paying is becoming more and more common. 

We can assist you in this process to further ease the strain on your family after you pass on. We can discuss the type of funeral you would like, whether you'd like to buried or cremated and what the costs associated might be.

If you are considering going into residential care, pre-paid funerals up to $10,000 are currently excluded from asset testing by the government for the residential-care-subsidy.


Call us or pop into the office to find out what your options are and which plan would be best for you.

Another important thing to consider is what will be recorded on your death certificate. Do your loved ones know your mother's maiden name and what her father did for a living? A death certificate is a historical document and helps families trace their history. To make sure your family history will be accurately recorded we have all the required information available here. If pre-planning you can give all the information to the funeral director yourself. Otherwise make sure a loved one has access to it after you have passed on.




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